Holly Wood said:  “He who knows how to play will WIN…he who doesn’t will NOT!”

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About The Book

“Life is a game. Money is how we keep score.”
– Ted Turner

Money is what makes the world go round and understanding exactly how money works is the difference between having enough of it or not having any of it at all. Or shall we say the haves and the have nots. Yet, the have nots are only that because they lack the financial literacy that the haves have been privy to.

While some people are born into wealth, others are not. That’s exactly why I decided to write this playbook.

After intensely reading and researching the financial world and the wealthy, as well as implementing various wealth strategies in my own life, I created this blueprint to help others acquire, manage, and understand wealth. Why? Because it “Just Make Cent$

I am happy to introduce THE playbook that you can use to increase your knowledge to create, accumulate, generate, and protect your wealth play-by-play.

““Once you know better, you will do better.”

What’s inside



The Study Of Purpose


Finding Meaning In Life


The Concept Of Motivation


Expanding Your Cognitive Horizon


Philosophical Concepts and Ideas


Creating Your Purpose

Chapter 1

“Life is a game. Money is how we keep score.”

– Ted Turner




We as human beings, were created to create.

Read it again once more time. Let this idea sink in. If you keep looking for a reason behind your existence, you will struggle to find it. The question of purposefulness has an infinite number of answers. Our external processing capability is limited. Our internal creative intelligence is boundless.

Holly Wood – Life is A Game, Learn How To Play To Win!!!

Holly Wood – Life is A Game, Learn How To Play To Win!!!

Holly Wood – Life is A Game, Learn How To Play To Win!!!

About the author.

Holly Wood became an author to help others acquire, manage, and understand wealth. Holly’s biggest motivation to create her financial literacy series came from changing her own financial status. She was fed up with working a 9-5 and only barely getting by, making poor decisions with her money, and being completely broke after paying her bills. Although not a licensed financial advisor, she sought to educate herself in regards to everything pertaining to finances and making money because it just simply “Made Cent$.

Hollys determination and perseverance led her to study the wealthy in depth. The knowledge that she gained completely altered her mindset. She now believes: If they can achieve it, so can I, even though, I did not come from a wealthy family, a wealthy family WILL come from me!” She continued her education by reading books about finances, managing money, and budgeting, as well as creating, accumulating, generating, and protecting wealth. Her sole goal was to come up with a blueprint that could ultimately be passed down from generation to generation, creating long-term wealth for families.

Holly took all of that information and began to strategize ways to create capital. Through trial and error, wins and losses, she was finally able to succeed!

Based on that, she decided to write the playbook Life Is A Game, Learn How To Play To Win to help people looking for meaning in life, to help people find a higher purpose that will guide them and steer them through their every day lives.

Holly Wood


Wealth Mindset

Wealth Mindset Workbook


Rich Off Risk



Exploring the path to make money PASSIVELY and not ACTIVELY.

“Make money in your sleep and not on your feet.”

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