Investfest 2023

August 25th – 27th 2023

The Proven Methods Of Success To Take Your Life From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be – Retrain Your Brain For Financial And Mental Freedom

Goal Setting


Neuroplasticity & NLP

Time Management


The Science Of Motivation

Focus & Concentration

Emotional Intelligence

State Of Flow & Creation

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The program is a 6-week event that takes you on a life-changing journey, step by step towards the ultimate transformation.


Week 1:  You’re gonna learn Proven methods to change your habits effectively and take control of your life – ( 25 Video Lectures – 8 Hours )

Week 2:  We’re going to explore the art of effective goal setting and goal achievement. I will help set a successful life vision, specific goals, and a massive action plan to achieve those goals. ( 18 Video Lectures – 6 Hours ) 

Week 3:  We’re going to explore how to apply the motivation formula and learn how to maintain, restore, and fix your sense of motivation. You will also learn the methods of effective emotional control and empowerment to fast-track your progress towards success and rewire your subconscious brain  ( 29 Video Lectures – 8 Hours )

Week 4:  Now that you have a solid foundation to build upon, we will start going into the effective systems that of Neuroplasticity and NLP that can help you rewire your brain and control your beliefs, habits, memories, and emotions. ( 31 Video Lectures – 10 Hours ) 

Week 5:  We will dive into how to increase your focus and concentration so you can get a lot more done in less time. We will also explore the concepts of time management and productivity as well as formulas used by the top leaders in the world to optimize performance. ( 22 Video Lectures – 6 Hours )

Week 6: Now that we have all the elements aligned, You’re going to learn how to tap into the powerful state of creation also known as the state of FLOW, and access your ultimate brain capacity. ( 19 Video Lectures – 4 Hours )  

Bonuses And Perk For Early Access:

  • 6 Group Coaching Sessions With Q&A
  • 2 Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly E-book Summaries And Action Books
There’s no problem at all, we offer a 7-day money back guarantee. If you register for the program and don’t think it’s one of the most effective programs you’ve been in, you will get all your money back, no questions asked.
Noah Merriby will be personally leading the training program for this particular event. It is a once a year event that Noah likes to partake personally to achieve the biggest impact possible on those who register for it.
The early-bird access includes a special price given to people who attend an online webinar and who register for the event prior to the official launch date. Not only do they get a special price, but they also get coaching sessions, bonuses and perks.

About Holly Wood

Author | Capital Creator | Developer| Estate Consultant Forex Trader | Investor | Realtor |  Serial Entrepreneur Wealth Strategist

Holly Wood is best known for her work in the Personal Development and the Financial Literacy field. As an educator she conducts training programs for individuals to acquire wealth mentally, spiritually, and physically. Holly’s teachings have proven to be a huge impact on an individual as well as the global economic level.

As a communication expert, Holly has a unique perspective in delivering information that is diverse and relatable to all walks of life.  She is a recognized Award Winning Speaker for her expertise as a communicator, an orator, and a financial leader.

Q & A Consultation Session

If you have any questions or concerns about The Ultimate Transformation Masterclass Event, feel free contact us so we can match your questions with adequate answers.

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Early Bird Access – Price Per Ticket

48-hour opportunity for people who want to get an early access to the event, as well as exclusive access to special bonuses and perks. For more information check the details tab below.

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General Admission – Price Per Ticket

The general admission ticket will give you access to the 6-week online event The Ultimate Transformation Masterclass. The tickets will be available on June 1st.

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VIP Package – Price Per Ticket

The VIP admission ticket will give you access to the 6-week online event The Ultimate Transformation Masterclass as well as special bonuses and perks. The tickets will be available on June 1st.

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” Holly’s Methods Are Revolutionary And Highly Recommended To Anyone Wishing To Take Themselves To Another Level. “

Jesse T.

Serial Entrepreneur - Multi-Mullionaire

“ I’ll Summarize It With A Couple Words: Absolute Perfection. You Will Not Be The Same Person After You Complete Your Training! ”

Mayez M.

Software And Development

“ An Exceptional Experience That I Would Highly Recommend To Anyone Who Wants To Change His Or Her Life. ”

Terry Ch.

CPA - Senior Accountant

“ I Was A Bit Skeptical At First… And I Was Wrong. The Coaching Programs Changed My Life Entirely. ”

Jessica K.

Marketing Director

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