Why is it so hard to do the small things that can help us improve our lives?

Whether its picking up the habit of reading for half an hour a day, or meditating for five minutes in the morning, it seems like there’s something more powerful than us, throwing us off the right track every single time. We lose the sense of motivation and we end up dropping those habits we wanted to start… So by default the real problem here is our sense of motivation right? Wrong! Our mind is designed to help us SURVIVE, not THRIVE, and there’s a huge difference here.

You are designed to move away from anything that can cause discomfort, anything that can cause pain, anything that can hurt you!

There are so many people in the world, even YOU, reading this right now, you have those incredible ideas, those dreams…. And what you think is missing is that sense of motivation, and that’s not true.

If you stop waiting for the right moment, for when it feels right, and comfortable and you just do it, at all times, this is you pushing yourself from one state to another. In a second you can shift your mindset from “survive” to “thrive.”

We can’t really control the events in our lives. We can choose what to focus on, what to do, and what things mean to us. Those three choices are going to dictate how we live our lives. You can always make a decision to take control of the situation!

If you keep doing the things you hate, over and over again, that’s your choice! Don’t tell me that you have circumstances, it would be futile and insane to channel your focus on something that you can not control! We live in the 21st century, where nothing is impossible.

If a 7 year-old can make 11 million dollars on youtube making videos about toys, you as a grown up adult can definitely do something about your situation.

When I switched my mentality from a mindset where I want to survive, to another where I want to thrive, I still thought that I needed motivation. When I skipped my habits, I thought that I didn’t have enough motivation that day. Then after months of self-reflection, I realized that I was wrong.

I was always motivated! The thing is, sometimes, my negative thoughts, my old habits, and my pessimism would be greater than my motivation, and I end up giving in to those empowered negative thoughts. Until the day where I became conscious of this voice inside of me that was putting me down and I said “SHUT UP!!”

Don’t go to the gym today you’re too tired… SHUT UP!!!!!

Stop reading your head hurts and you’re sleepy…SHUT UP!!!!

Don’t quit the job you hate, there’s too much risk, you don’t want to be embarrassed…OH SHUT THE F*CK UP

Your mind is not your body. Your mind is supposed to be controlling your body, but most of the times, that’s not what happens! Your body controls your mind through the power of our subconscious habits and you find yourself in a turmoil of uncertainty, in a void of pessimism that seems to have no end.

I had days where I couldn’t even find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning! But it wasn’t the I didn’t have the motivation! I had stress, anxiety, depression, pessimism and negativity that overcame my motivation and through me into this repetitive detrimental turmoil.

I came across a video by Tony Robbins called “I Am The Voice.” He repeats the following:

Now I am the voice
I will lead, not follow
I will create, not destroy
I will believe, not doubt
I am a force for good
Set a new standard
Step up!

One day as I woke up, first thing on my schedule was to go to the gym… Guess how I felt? I felt like absolute sh*t. I stayed in my bed for an hour battling my thoughts until I took a deep breath, played the Tony Robbins video and I simultaneously repeated the affirmations previously mentioned.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a very powerful moment when you take a deep breath and you say to yourself I AM THE VOICE. It is the moment you take control, you get in charge… In an instant, your spirit, mind and body, are under your command, and not the other way around.